Working at Te Kaihau

Senior EdTech Consultant

Te Kaihau Ltd is a small consultancy based in Wellington that focuses on innovation.  We work with the government to develop innovation policy, large organisations to foster intrapreneurship, small organisations to grow innovative export businesses, and individuals to lead ethical business development.  This year we won a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW award for our global impact on fostering cross-cultural leaders in business around the world.   

The company has several projects that need an injection of EdTech, high-level facilitation and business development skills to take them to the next level.  These projects include:

  • The Global Enterprise Experience has 655 participating universities in 115 countries.  The programme needs to be streamlined as a MOOC to increase its impact and cost effectiveness.  Understanding the tertiary education learning needs and models in both developed and developing countries is essential. 
  • The OD Clinic programme won recognition from the New Zealand Treasury and State Services Commission as an avenue for fostering intrapreneurship in the public sector.  The pilot programme is ready for expansion.  It requires strong skills in facilitation of senior executives, IT management skills to create a digital platform, experience in working with the public sector, and business development skills to grow the venture.
  • The Export Bridge programme has run for 12 years, linking export-ready New Zealand companies with student trade commissioners in universities in Europe, the United States and South America.  The programme now needs to expand to South Africa as a beachhead into Africa, and Hong Kong as a beachhead into China.  It requires cross-cultural skills to access those markets, and business nous to improve revenue flow to Te Kaihau.
  • Young Voices is a programme being developed for challenging gifted students.  It builds on our past work with strategies for managing gifted ADHD youth, the Project-Based Learning for Credit programme, and applies similar technology to the Global Enterprise Experience.  It requires strong skills in EdTech.  Experience in working with challenging but gifted youth would be an advantage.
  • Te Kaihau has developed two national certificates on leading innovation.  These certificates are ready for a trial with a partner organisation with a view to growing a national market.  Skills are needed in EdTech, IT management, business development, and innovation.  
  • We have ongoing organisation development consultancy work with boards, senior management and high growth entrepreneurs.  High level skills are needed in facilitation, governance, strategic thinking, and business development

 Key Requirements:

  • EdTech experience with proven impact on learners
  • Information technology management and skills
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation experience and knowledge
  • High level facilitation skills
  • Experience working with the public sector
  • Knowledge of governance, management and business strategy
  • Proven business development capability
  • A passion for experiential education


The salary is $72,000 plus bonuses.

The position is based in the organisation’s Wellington office.

Confidential enquiries and applications should be directed to Deb Gilbertson at Te Kaihau Ltd by 5.00pm on Monday 17 December 2018.

To receive further information contact us via email at deb [at]