Innovation is the process of making
new ideas happen

We boldly claim that all innovation always starts with a committed individual who believes in their dream of what can be achieved.


Education processes can be enhanced to create innovators - people who can make new ideas happen.  

Lower order learning is about acquiring knowledge, applying knowledge, and analysis.  Higher order learning is about gaining skills in creativity, problem solving, insight, working with people and intrinsic motivation.  See our ideas and projects on enterprise education, project learning, and audits for higher order learning which provide a blueprint for designing education for the ideal graduate.  

Astonishingly 50% of entrepreneurs meet the criteria for ADHD, but so do 50% of inmates. Much can be done to tap the abundant potential and cope with the challenges. See our world leading work, and learn what individuals, parents, HR managers and the education, justice and health systems can do.


Businesses need to innovate to outpace change and competition.

Our organisation development specialist, Dr Dai Gilbertson, helps organisations to face up to the toughest challenges and make the changes. Organisation development is based on joint data gathering, joint diagnosis, joint intervention planning, joint implementation and joint evaluation.  

We help organisations to assess if they are innovative, identify how to reduce bureaucracy, and undertake strategic and business planning.

Facing challenges, like exporting, drives innovation. We offer Export Bridge, which provides four months of free market research and development for the US market via US universities.

Try our self evaluation for your trade finance needs


Leadership transforms the potential of individuals and organisations to make ideas happen. 

Our Global Enterprise Experience has developed global leaders in 76 countries, with multinational teams all led from New Zealand via the internet. Enrolment is free for anyone seeking to enhance their global leadership or international business skills.

Try our governance audit which helps boards to assess their effectiveness, and our ethics audits which help individuals and organisations to assess their ethical capability.  

We invite you to look into our ideas on what CEOs can do to foster innovation and enquire about our training programmes to foster leadership and innovation.


Government policy can provide the foundation and support to foster innovation in New Zealand. 

We have suggested measures that government agencies need to take to foster an enterprise economy, improve the uptake of science, expand export growth, and use high speed broadband to grow business and education.

Global challenges may occur that demand innovative solutions such as from climate change, peak oil, solar storms, customer perceptions, and the global money supply system. See our analysis on the implications for New Zealand

Try our self evaluation audits on political literacy.