We grow leaders to innovate for a better future

Innovation is the process of making new ideas happen. We boldly claim that innovation always starts with a person who is inspired by their dreams with the courage to lead the way


shutterstock 1310886638 paid for compressed3Check out our projects on enterprise education, project-based learning, and tertiary education audits for higher order learning.   

Astonishingly 50% of entrepreneurs meet the criteria for ADHD, but so do 50% of inmates. Much can be done to tap the abundant potential and cope with the challenges. See our world leading work, and learn what individuals, parents, HR managers and the education, justice and health systems can do.

Enquire about our training programmes to foster leadership and innovation.  Talk to Morne Mail, our specialist on EdTech options.


Cropped and paid for3Our organisation development specialist, Dr Dai Gilbertson, helps organisations to face up to the toughest challenges and make the changes.

Our innovation specialist, Deb Gilbertson, helps innovators transcend the barriers to success.

We help organisations to assess if they are innovative, and undertake strategic and business planning.

We offer Export Bridge, which provides four months of free market research and development for the US market via US universities.


HandUp with black2Our Global Enterprise Experience won a United Nations Alliance of Civilization award for its global impact on developing global leaders in 120 countries who can work across cultures to develop sustainable solutions for the UNSDGs. Enrol as a peer-leader, team-leader or coach.  

Are you leading a new initiative and would like expert or collegial support?  Check out our PeerUp programmes.

Try our governance audit which helps boards to assess their effectiveness.

Check out our ideas on what CEOs can do to foster innovation


PeerUp 200 by 105We support Government to innovate.  Gina Kranwinkel is our co-design specialist who links public agencies to stakeholders to jointly tackle issues of public significance. 

We facilitate PeerUp groups to provide the support and wisdom of like-minded intrapreneurs working across public sector organisations in a common field. 

And we coach individuals to help them innovate and bring joy to their work life.

Check out our ideas an fostering an enterprise economy, improving the uptake of science, and expanding export growth.