Morne Mail is a consultant and EdTech entrepreneur with 23 years of experience providing technology-based solutions to the education, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication sectors.

He was a director and manager in five EdTech startups, applying all aspects of business management.  The work led to rich learning in how to design solutions to foster effective education, especially for disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

Morne leads the coaching programme for the Global Enterprise Experience.  The coaches learn the skills to hold coaching conversations, and provide  and a rich experience  

Morne is a qualified Analyst Programmer with a passion for education, group facilitation, and growing people to achieve their potential.  

He co-founded two volunteer organisations that promoted personal and leadership development, and cross-cultural and social transformation.  For nine years he was the lead process facilitator, coach and leader in these organisations.  Morne was part of the effort to realise unity through diversity and inclusivity in the country of his birth, South Africa, by facilitating cross-cultural transformation for the Vulindlela Network.  On this journey he discovered that inclusion was the magic that led to personal and group transformation, and he has embraced the principle in his work ever since.