Our Support for Innovating Through Business

Organisation development

Organisation Development (OD) is based on joint data gathering, joint diagnosis, joint intervention planning, joint implementation and joint evaluation. ‘Joint’ means just that – working with the client and a steering group to achieve a solution to a jointly diagnosed problem. 

Organisation Development is not ‘training and development’, rather it is an action research based diagnostic and intervention portfolio that is tailor made for each client’s challenges. 

What differentiates Te Kaihau from many consultants is the application of appropriate OD processes to specific problems that engage and keep ownership with the client. Many clients come to the OD Clinic having worked with a variety of ‘consultants’ with very limited success and little ownership.

The OD Clinic is tightly focused on process management to help CEO’s with the challenges they have identified:

  • Fostering organisational innovation
  • Managing technological change
  • International competitiveness
  • Strategic thinking.

We have proven experience in the complete portfolio of joint action-research and organisation development interventions, for example:

  • Futures research
  • Strategic thinking
  • Improving organization culture
  • Innovation audit and action research
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Small group interventions
  • Individual interventions. 

Crucial in the OD process is the joint diagnosis phase and this requires experience, proven facilitation expertise, chairperson skills, maturity and client centred counselling abilities.

New Venture Development

New ventures may be new markets, new technology, new products or new processes. Successfully converting these from an idea to a functioning venture requires many skills often including:

  • Managing the innovation process
  • Strategy
  • Identifying the need
  • Creativity
  • Technology management
  • Market research
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Economic  evaluation
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Legal structures
  • Project management
  • Debrief and review

Te Kaihau consultants have worked on 2500 new venture developments and can bring the full range of skills to support your new venture development.

Export Development

Export development has high risks. Te Kaihau consultants can help with:

  • Export strategy
  • Trade finance decisions
  • Accessing free market research and market development in the US market
  • Free global team leadership experience
  • Business mentoring