Our Projects for Developing Innovative Leaders

Global Enterprise Experience (www.geebiz.org)

Join the Global Enterprise Experience to work with a global team to develop a six-page business concept proposal on a profitable product or service that fosters a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal with limited capital.  The contest won a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Award for its global impact on growing ethical leaders who can work in partnership across the cultural divides to develop sustainable ventures to heal our world.

To date we have had 12,721 participants from 706 universities and 98 organisations in 120 countries.  We use cloud computing to link participants from powerful countries like the United States, poor countries like Nepal, emergent economies like China, trade centres like Singapore, resource rich countries like South Africa, finance centres like Germany, remote islands like Tonga, recovering societies like Rwanda, peace brokers like Jordan, and with values driven leaders like New Zealand.  

You can enrol for one of three roles - peer-leader, team-leader or coach.  All participants are expected to step up to peer-leadership taking joint responsibility for team productivity, creativity, problem solving, unity and helping others to succeed.  Team leaders have the demanding, but rewarding role, of building a successful global team.  They receive extensive training, support and coaching.  Coaches receive training and peer-support in holding coaching conversations with participants to help them excel in their team, and to grow as a person.

Social Epidemic to Reduce Alcohol Abuse

A Massey University study found that the cost of the use and abuse of alcohol in New Zealand including accounting for intangibles was $16.4 billion at a time when the New Zealand GDP was $168 billion. The scale of harm is very evident! We put our minds to looking at the leadership challenge of how to create a social epidemic to reduce the abuse of alcohol. Our voluntary work influenced the current and previous campaigns. Our paper on how to create a social epidemic is under articles.