The Challenge of Innovating Through Education

Measurement is essential to assess performance and award qualifications. But education driven by providing easily consistent assessment tends to focus on low order learning such as knowledge, understanding, application, analysis and planning. Higher order learning focuses on other qualities like insight, judgement, problem solving, innovation, creativity, leadership and interpersonal skills. The challenge is to design education systems that foster both lower order and higher order learning. 

Obedient girls are easily able to adapt themselves to lower order learning education systems, but many others, especially those in the ADHD spectrum (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are not able to adapt themselves. Nor should they. The neurophysiology of these ADHD students is naturally suited to higher order learning, This explains why 50% of entrepreneurs meet the ADHD criteria but so do 50% of prison inmates. The challenge is to provide an education system that enables at-risk ADHD youth to become our greatest achievers – and along the way create an education system that enhances the quality of learning for all students.