Our Projects to Foster an Innovative Public Sector

Graduate Diploma for Leading Innovation in the Public Sector (Level 7)

This Graduate Diploma grows the capability of public sector staff to drive innovation, hand-in-hand with impacting the organisation and society. The benefits to the organisation are:

  • Improve staff ability to generate creative solutions, both internally and for stakeholders
  • Provide a robust process that helps public servants step beyond knowing what needs to be done to taking action
  • Grow staff intrapreneurial capability (i.e. make new ideas happen)
  • Improve systems, processes and behaviours that foster intrapreneurship
  • Create a ‘humming’ energy reflecting the joy that staff have in being at work
  • Improve organizational capacity to attract and retain innovative staff
  • Build an innovation culture
  • Drive organisation development
  • Foster innovations that impact the public sector organisation and wider society

Micro-credentials are stand-alone qualifications that are internationally recognised. They can be sourced from any education provider and stacked into a qualification such as a graduate diploma. Each micro-credential offered in our programme is:

  • A challenge
  • With a purpose
  • Accessible online
  • Socially connected
  • Experiential learning
  • Drives personal growth
  • Supported with coaching
  • Assessed on action & insight

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