Our Vision and Values

As New Zealanders we pride ourselves on our innovativeness. Yet so much can get in the way of tapping our potential. Our vision is to help us to use our potential and to clear the barriers to making ideas happen. We do this in many domains:

  • Our vision for New Zealand education is a learning process and environment that produces the ideal graduate – individuals achieving their potential with the skills, knowledge, values, confidence, experiences and joy of learning that enable them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.
  • Our vision for New Zealand business is to be world leading in innovative, ethical and environmentally sustainable ventures with staff who enjoy coming to work each day. From this pool of companies, some will excel to take on the international market and win.
  • Our vision for the New Zealand Government is twofold. Firstly, to provide the platform for education and business to achieve the vision given above. Secondly, for government organisations to be innovative, ethical and sustainable, with staff who enjoy coming to work each day.

Our vision for the world is to foster unity in diversity. When we see “the earth as one country and mankind its citizens” then solutions flow easily to the troubles that face the planet. We see our work supporting education, business and government as enabling New Zealand to fulfil its potential to lead global change towards unity, ethics, values and global problem solving.