Te Kaihau Education Trust

The Te Kaihau Education Trust is a registered charitable trust under New Zealand law.  It supports charitable education projects with the following themes:

Global Unity –promoting international, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, awareness and understanding, with a view to closer economic, social, political and spiritual engagement among diverse peoples.

Innovation – developing the capability of individuals, organisations and policies to make social and ethical projects happen

Leadership Development – educating potential leaders with vision, values, and cross cultural skills

Enterprise Education – fostering education models that develop 'can do', problem solving, action-oriented trainees

Social entrepreneurship - fostering entrepreneurship with a social vision, including supporting the learning and health needs of those in the ADHD spectrum who typically make up 50% of entrepreneurs in most countries

Futures Studies – envisioning, forecasting and planning a range of possible, probable, and preferable long-term futures in business, governmental, educational, environmental, social, and personal domains.