Our Consultants

  • UNAOC Award Nov 2017

    Deb Gilbertson grows leaders to innovate for a better world.  More

  • Morne

    Morne Mail is a consultant and EdTech entrepreneur with 23 years of experience providing technology-based solutions to the education, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication sectors. More

  • Anelda Mail3

    Anelda is a Leadership Coach and Communications Consultant with over 30 years' experience in developing people and brands.  More

  • Dai2

    Dr Dai Gilbertson has worked with over 50 organisations, often when their organization is in most strife. More

  • Gina5

    Gina leads Te Kaihau's co-design work.  She has extensive experience in building links between the public sector and stakeholders to address complex issues.  More