UNAOC Award Nov 2017

Deb Gilbertson grows leaders to innovate for a better world. 

Her Global Enterprise Experience contest won a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations award for its global impact on fostering cross-culturalism, peer-leadership, and social entrepreneurship in 135 countries. 

Deb has worked with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, exporters, scientists and active citizens on their 2500 new ventures to navigate the pitfalls from start up to success.   

At universities she has taught management, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, international business, commercializing technology, financing, agricultural economics, fisheries management, ADHD, and enterprise education. She established 11 Māori programmes at Victoria University of Wellington to support Māori aspirations. 

For 15 years she has judged the Public Sector Excellence Awards including the Prime Minister’s Supreme Award.

UNESCO invited Deb to foster enterprise education across Asia. 

For the government she has helped design policies to support business growth, innovation, education, aid and ensuring government agencies achieve their highest aims. 

Deb is a co-author of nine books on innovation.  She is currently writing a book to tap into the abundant potential in the ADHD spectrum.