For projects where we work closely with Māori we work in partnership with AATEA. AATEA provide services in strategy, research, communications, education, and assurance with a strong Tikanga Māori focus.

AATEA was founded in March 2000. Directors Hinerangi Edwards and Kiwa Hammond wanted to be part of a global community where every day of every year, people celebrated diversity and built an abundant and prosperous world. The name AATEA comes from the term 'marae āatea' - which is the name for the courtyard area immediately in front of traditional wharenui or meeting houses. Throughout Aotearoa, and indeed Polynesia, the 'marae' was considered a place of action for discussion and activities in order to understand and agree on strategies for survival.

AATEA was formed to fill a need for quality kaupapa Māori communication services within and between a variety of organisations, agencies, communities and businesses. To explain this briefly 'kaupapa Māori' is anything that is identifiably 'Māori' in its nature or is perceived to have distinctly Māori origins or meanings. AATEA believe that Māori conceptual frameworks have the potential to empower all people to either effect positive change or develop ways to complement or enhance their lives.