Batch portrait

For education design we work closely with Batch Hales who is widely regarded as a leading New Zealand thinker in the education sector. Batch was a senior lecturer in adult and tertiary teacher training  developing training courses using mentored action research. For a decade he was the policy manager at NZIM developed many mentoring, coaching and training programme. Batch served on the MED advisory group on mentoring and coaching, worked with ITOs developing work based learning modules, and developed course materials for training co-ordinators and one-to-one coaches. 

Batch is a very innovative thinker on learning systems, and is the driver behind the NZIM Entrepreneur Certificate registered with NZQA. Students set their own learning and business outcomes and are assessed against their own aspirations. Participants in these programmes become coaches for their colleagues – these formal coaching relationships continue to operate years after the course has formally finished and have had a demonstrable impact on New Zealand export growth.